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Exterior Doors

Your home’s first impression, your exterior door, is a statement of both resilience and style. It’s the frontline defender against the elements and the welcoming portal to your Home. Explore the myriad options in traditional and modern wood exterior doors tailored for homes, and let your front entrance speak volumes about your home’s character. Because the journey begins at the door, make sure it’s a statement that lasts.

Popular Exterior Doors

Explore stylish and secure entries with our Popular Exterior Doors. From classic to modern designs, find your perfect match for a grand entrance.

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Elevate your entrance with style. Browse our Exterior doors and choose the perfect one to leave a lasting mark.

Exterior Double Doors

Exterior Double Doors

Double entry doors give your home’s entrance a strong and impressive look. these doors not only add a touch of beauty but also have practical advantages. Because they are wider, it’s easy to move bigger things like furniture or appliances through them. Outside double doors come in different styles and materials, so you can choose the one that matches how your home looks. Whether you like a traditional or more modern design, these doors make your entrance look nice and inviting. With their balanced and substantial appearance, outside double doors are a classic choice that brings both practicality and style to your home’s outside.

Exterior Door with Sidelights

Exterior Door with Sidelights

An outside door with sidelights is a fancy choice to make your home’s entrance look nice and welcoming. These entrance doors with side panels not only make things look good but also help in making the space more useful. The sidelights let in lots of natural light, making your entryway feel warm and inviting. You can pick from many different designs and styles for these doors, so you can find one that matches how your home looks. Whether you like a classic style or something more modern, these entrance doors with sidelights can be customized to fit your taste. The side panels also make your home look better from the outside, creating a strong impression on people who visit. Therefore, a front door with sidelights not only enhances the appearance of your home but also creates a practical and stylish highlight on the exterior.

Single Exterior Doors

Single Exterior Doors

Single exterior doors, unique in their role as simple entryways, present a classic and adaptable statement for residences. Whether crafted from robust wood, enhanced with glass panels, or displaying intricate details, these doors stand as a symbol of simplicity and charm. Single front doors seamlessly integrate with diverse architectural styles, delivering a timeless and one-of-a-kind appeal. Granting homeowners, the freedom to display incomparable designs, colors, and finishes, these doors reflect the expression of individual tastes, ensuring a memorable and warm first impression.

Choose by Design

Explore the sleek lines and innovative designs of our Modern Doors or choose classic charm with our Traditional Doors – each crafted to leave a lasting impression on your home.

Modern Entry Doors

Modern Entry Doors

Double front doors are a true beauty when used Modern front doors bring the cool factor to your house, enhancing your entry with sleek vibes and trendy designs. Whether they’re rocking clean lines, cool geometrics, or some asymmetrical flair, these doors boost the looks of your front door and your house. Crafted from a mix of glass, metal, and wood, they’re all about looking stylish while standing up to the elements. With finishes like steel and chill frosted glass, these doors are basically the cornerstone of your home’s style. They keep it simple, while making your place stand out in the neighborhood.

Traditional Doors

Traditional Doors

Traditional front doors add classic charm to your home, elevating your entrance with enduring appeal and refined designs. Whether boasting elegant panels, traditional patterns, or a touch of nostalgia, these doors enhance the aesthetic of your front door and your home. Constructed from sturdy wood and metal, they prioritize durability while maintaining a warm, inviting look. With finishes like rich wood tones and classic hardware, these doors contribute to the character of your home, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Related Categories

Explore related categories for additional styles that perfectly suit your taste and enhance your choices.

french doors

French Doors

Add a touch of charm to your home with our French Doors. Let in lots of light and move freely between rooms in style!

Feedback from Our Customers

Explore customer feedback. We take pride in delivering quality that exceeds expectations, ensuring a exceptional experience with us.


We recently had a front door installed by Timber Door. We had 3 quotes completed, and went with them because Fred was very responsive and helpful (all 3 quotes were very close in price). Lead time was as communicated by Fred (these are custom manufactured), and within 7 weeks of putting in our deposit, we had the door in. Install took about 5 hours. The door is very solid and beautifully finished. It makes a huge difference to the curb appeal of the home. Very happy we went with a solid wood option. You can’t beat the weight and feel. I would not hesitate recommending Timber Door to family and friends!

Christina Brennan

Timber Door just installed my entrance door for my new build and it looks amazing. Fred, the owner, was always present, from initial consultation to installation. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference a quality solid wood front door can make to any home. My new door feels very substantial and the finish is simply beautiful. Being on a budget, I can say that Timber Door’s price was very reasonable and Fred always offered great advice during the design stage. If you are considering a quality door for your home, look no further than Fred and his team.

Freddy Finance

Great service from Fred and the whole team at Timber doors. They were always professional, quick and did a great job measuring and installing our new front door. Also, their prices were slightly better than the other quotes I received for the same work. I highly recommend Fred and Timber doors.

Greg Efstatheu

We worked with TimberDoor for our wood entry door and we are very happy with our new custom door. Fred has been very professional and patient from start to finish. He answered all our questions quickly and he and his team did an amazing job installing the door. We would highly recommend him. Thank you Fred!

Eli Ebrahimi

Exterior Wood Doors

Upgrade your home’s look with custom-made exterior wood doors. These wood front doors are carefully crafted to bring both style and function to your entryway. The solid wood exterior entry doors not only add a touch of warmth but also amp up your home’s overall charm. They ensure your home’s safety while making a lasting first impression.

Pick from different finishes and styles to match your taste. With these doors, you’re not just opening a door; you’re making a style statement that boosts your home’s curb appeal.

Exterior Doors in Canada

When it comes to entry doors in Canada, the importance of durable and weather-resistant exterior front doors cannot be overstated. The unpredictable Canadian weather conditions, including harsh winters and varying temperatures, make it essential to invest in high-quality materials for your exterior doors. Homeowners who value both aesthetic charm and durability often opt for wood, renowned for its enduring beauty.

So, whether you’re looking for functionality, style, or a combination of both, selecting reliable exterior front doors designed to withstand the unique climate of Canada is a wise investment for any homeowner.

Exterior Door Glass Inserts

Exterior door glass inserts are a stylish and functional addition to enhance the aesthetic appeal and overall design of your home’s entrance. These inserts are crafted with precision to seamlessly integrate with exterior doors, allowing natural light to flood your entryway while maintaining a sense of privacy. Whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional look, exterior doors with glass inserts offer a versatile range of designs and patterns to complement any architectural style.

The glass inserts not only contribute to the visual charm of your home but also create a welcoming atmosphere by brightening up your foyer. Additionally, they provide an opportunity to showcase your personal style, as you can choose from various textures, colors, and decorative elements. With the perfect blend of form and function, exterior door glass inserts transform your entry into a focal point that leaves a lasting impression on guests and adds value to your home.

Exterior Door Handles

The selection of entry door handles plays a pivotal role in the overall functionality and style of your exterior doors. The integration of quality door lock sets ensures the safety of your home, providing peace of mind. Invest in durable and well-crafted hardware to enhance not only the functionality but also the longevity of your exterior doors.

Frequently Asked Questions on Exterior Doors

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions for quick insights into our products, ordering process, and more.

How to install an exterior door?

Installing an exterior door involves several specific steps, and it’s important to assess your skills before attempting it. Different types of entry doors have unique installation requirements, so make sure you understand the specifics of your chosen door.

However, if you feel unsure or lack the necessary expertise, it’s highly recommended to seek help from our experts. Our team is well-versed in door installations, ensuring a flawless job. Professional assistance not only provides peace of mind but also guarantees the best possible outcome for your new exterior door. Choosing experts ensures that the installation is done right, giving you a durable and functional entryway.

Which material is ideal for an exterior door?

Various materials, including steel, fiberglass, and wood, are commonly used for exterior doors. Each material offers effective home protection, but they come with unique benefits. For instance, fiberglass provides a stylish aesthetic, while steel boasts greater durability. When selecting a new front door, it’s crucial to find one that aligns with your home’s architecture, personal style, and budget.

Additionally, consider customization options to tailor the door to your specific needs. If you desire more natural sunlight, incorporate sidelights or decorative glass into your new door. For those concerned about storms, consider enhancing your upgrade with a protective storm door. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting and purchasing a new front door that perfectly matches your requirements.

When is the best time to purchase a new front door?

The ideal time to invest in a new front door is whenever your home requires it or when you’re ready for a significant change in your living space. Our skilled installers work year-round, eliminating the need to wait for a specific season. Whether it’s summer, fall, spring, or winter, we accommodate your schedule, ensure a clean installation process, and guarantee that the benefits of your new front door will be enjoyed for many years.

What is the cost to install an exterior door?

Determining the pricing for exterior doors depends on various factors such as material, size, and design. Each door is unique in its specifications, influencing the overall cost. For accurate pricing tailored to your specific needs, we recommend consulting our experts. Simply reach out to us, provide details about your desired door, and our team will assist you in understanding the pricing based on your preferences. Contacting our experts ensures that you receive personalized information and an accurate estimate for the exterior door that meets your requirements.