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Single Doors

Are you looking for affordable front doors? At Timber Door, we offer a wide range of options, from modern to traditional styles, all at great prices. Our goal is to enhance your home’s decor with quality doors that make a statement.

Wooden doors not only provide a warm welcome but also add a unique touch to your home. They bring elegance and charm to any entryway. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, Timber Door has the perfect front door for you.

In terms of design, modern doors feature sleek lines and minimalist designs, often incorporating materials like glass and metal. They’re ideal for homeowners seeking a contemporary aesthetic.

Traditional doors, on the other hand, showcase intricate detailing and craftsmanship, with timeless appeal. They’re perfect for those who want to capture a classic or rustic look for their home.

When it comes to energy efficiency and style, our single panel doors are a great choice. They offer simplicity and functionality while enhancing your home’s appearance and security. If you want to bring in more natural light, consider adding sidelights to your door for a luxurious touch. You can check out our door with sidelights collection as well to see if it matches your taste.

Our diverse range caters to all preferences and requirements. Let Timber Door be your partner in enhancing the beauty, security, and ambiance of your home. Explore our collection today to find the perfect door for your home!

Frequently Asked Questions on Single Doors

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions for quick insights into our products, ordering process, and more.

can you change a single front door to double?

Changing a single door to a double door in your house isn’t usually too difficult, especially if you get help from a professional carpenter. They’ll take care of everything like measuring, extending the frame, and installing new hardware to make sure it’s done right.

Which door is better – single or double?

It really depends on what you like, how your house looks, and the space you have. Single doors cost less and are simpler to put in, so lots of people like them.